Preserve the Beauty of Blooms with Our Floral Preservation Services.


How far in advance should I book?

The sooner the better!

We do our best to accept every order but our calendar can get booked up. For this reason, we recommend you book your desired flower arrival date at your earliest convenience. 

When should I expect to receive my order?

Our turnaround time for orders depends on the time of year and the influx of orders. On average, expect about a 3-5 month turnaround time, however, this is not an exact timeline. We want to make sure all the details of your forever products are perfect before shipping to you.



Why is there a charge for drying florals and how is this calculated?

Here at MJ by the Bay & Bay Blooms VB we take pride in each order that we create. We want to ensure that ALL of your blooms are preserved with the upmost care. The drying process is different for each bouquet. Every flower has a different length of drying time which is carefully monitored by our team during this process. We calculate the use of product by weight and quantity. For example, the size of an average bouquet usually requires 11lbs of product to preserve the entire bouquet. This usually runs at a standard charge of $75. Whereas, if you have only a few flowers we would charge according to weight of product needed which would run typically between $25 - $50. 

Will I be charged for two bouquets if I provide more than needed?

Depending on the order you will be placing, we usually ask for:

1. The bridal bouquet

2. bridesmaid bouquet just incase some of the flowers in the bridal bouquet don’t survive

3. Any Boutonnières or Corsages that you may want to incorporate in your piece

These are the "standard" items for one order.

Examples & What If's 

For example: If you would like to preserve a Bridal Bouquet AND a Mother of the Bride Bouquet this would count as two bouquets for preservation purposes. However, you will only need to pay for one deposit if the bouquets are coming from the same event. 

For example: If you have funeral florals that you would like to incorporate into a bridal piece that is at a later date you will still need to pay a deposit for both dates of preservation if the funeral florals are indeed fresh. If they have been previously dried you will NOT need to pay two deposits. 


When should I send my flowers to you?
To ensure the liveliest flowers, we require that they arrive at our shop no later than 24-72 after the wedding depending on the condition and care of the flowers. We dry the flowers using a unique technique that helps preserve the quality and color of the flower when done within this time frame. 


 How do I get my flowers to you?

If you are shipping your florals, you will receive a simple, step-by-step document explaining how to get your flowers to us safely and quickly.

If you are local to Virginia Beach VA, and would like to do a local drop off, we do have a local drop-off/pickup option which is preferred for the condition of the flowers. Just shoot us an email at

If you have opted in for Venue Pick Up when you placed your deposit, just make sure you have included your wedding planner/coordinators information so that we are able to coordinate with them on the timeline of your event.

Can you work with previously dried florals?


Yes! It is time to dust off your bouquet that has been hanging upside down for years and create a special piece from it! Let us work our magic and turn your bouquet into an art piece to display.

What changes will my florals undergo?

Your bouquet will go through a transformation process while it is being preserved.
Some of the changes that may occur (but not limited to):

  • Red/deep-colored roses will get darker

  • White flowers will develop into a more off-white or yellow tone (even with color correction, they will not be bright white)

  • ”Bruising” or “translucent spots” may occur. To reduce this, try not to handle/touch/throw your flowers. (Pro tip: do a bouquet toss with an artificial bouquet!)

  • Some tropical flowers/greenery may not survive the drying process or may turn a brown color.

How do I care for my flowers after my wedding?


Keep your flowers in water when they are not being used and after the event.

Try to keep your flowers out of direct heat or in a cool dark room.


Try to avoid touching your flowers as this can result in extra oils and bruising of the flowers.

We recommend NOT using your bridal bouquet for the bridal toss.

When shipping us your flowers do not put plastic or a bag around your flowers as this can act as a heat chamber.



Tips on shipping your florals: 

  • Overnighting your fresh flowers is very important! If they are dried, you may choose ground shipping.
  • Place a wet paper towel or water tubes on the bottom of the stems to get them hydrated during shipping.

  •  We recommend securely packing the flowers in the box with tissue paper to avoid movement and damage. 

  • If you have any questions or concerns about shipping your flowers, please feel free to email us. 

  • Do not use an overly large box if you are wanting to be cautious of shipping costs. 

Care and Display:

How do I take care of my resin piece?
Each piece is made with high-quality resin that is very durable, but it still needs to be handled with care. Please keep your piece out of direct sunlight for optimal protection. 

Will my resin piece change overtime?

The resin we use to preserve your flowers is clear, free of VOCs and very high-quality UV protectant. Over time, the resin might develop a slight amber-like glow. We think this adds a beautiful, vintage element to it.
Disclaimer: resin yellowing is an inevitable effect from the natural aging of your product. The best way to prevent this from happening is to leave it out of any kind of direct sunlight and follow the care instructions you received in your package. We are not responsible for the natural effects of aging in your product.

Refunds & Returns:

Can I return my order?

All of our artwork is one-of-a-kind and original. Returns, refunds, or exchanges are not available for any purchases. If there is a problem with your order, please feel free to contact us via email at


If canceled at least 3 months before your flower arrival date/ preservation date, we will refund everything except the deposit of $100. 

 If requesting a cancellation within 3 months of your reserved date no refunds are accepted. There are no expectations to this due to us preparing and buying materials before starting on your order. 

Gift cards are non-refundable 


Per our disclaimer, all MJ by the Bay & Bay Blooms products are made without any warranty express or implied.

Personalized, custom items are sold on an as-is basis and cannot be returned.

Ready-made items may be returned within 7 days of purchase for a replacement item with the customer covering all shipping and handling costs.


Lost or damaged bouquets:

MJ by the Bay & Bay Blooms is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged bouquets. We  are not liable for anything that happens to the flowers during the event or during transit. We prepare for each order by buying all necessary supplies ahead of time. We do not offer full refunds for lost, stolen or damaged bouquets.