Preserve the Beauty of Blooms with Our Floral Preservation Services.

Jacqueline Knight CEO & Owner

Jacqueline Knight CEO & Owner

At the heart of Bay Blooms stands Jacqueline Knight, the CEO and Owner, whose artistic voyage as a floral resin artist is a harmonious blend of fervor and foresight. Her creations transcend the boundaries of conventional art, becoming vessels that hold emotions, capture fleeting moments, and embody the very essence of nature's magnificence. With the touch of an artist's hand and a heart pulsating with boundless creativity, Jacqueline metamorphoses your treasured blossoms into captivating masterpieces that stand as testaments to the timeless might of art. Within the realm of Bay Blooms, Jacqueline's artistry acts as a bridge between nature's elegance and the finesse of human creativity. The strokes of her artistry breathe life into petals and blooms, while her passion and precision elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary. Her work isn't confined to mere art; it's a narrative that captures your memories in a tapestry woven with reverence and authenticity. With every creation she undertakes, Jacqueline weaves stories that resonate with emotion and sentiment. These stories are more than mere anecdotes; they're narratives embedded in each preserved petal, capturing the whispers of time and memories. The art of preservation is more than a craft—it's an intricate dance that brings together the past, present, and future. Jacqueline Knight's journey is one of passion and dedication. Her hands mold memories, her heart infuses emotion, and her artistry is the bridge that connects you with cherished moments. As you gaze upon her creations, you're not just seeing art—you're experiencing the enduring power of memories, captured forever in a delicate embrace of resin and beauty.Experience the artistry of Jacqueline Knight and the world of Bay Blooms, where the extraordinary emerges from the ordinary, and where memories are immortalized in the strokes of an artist's brush.

Merril Prutsman ( Chief of Operations)

Merril Prutsman COO & Cofounder

Allow us to introduce you to Merril Prutsman, the dedicated COO of our endeavor. Her passion for the beach and ocean art parallels her deep affinity for floral preservation. Merril's distinctive style, characterized by its charming simplicity, completes the artistic spectrum within our team. Her influence touches every corner of our operations, elevating our creations under the MJ by the Bay banner.Merril's heart resonates with the rhythms of the beach and the timeless allure of ocean art. This connection is as profound as her passion for preserving the beauty of nature's blooms. Through her skilled hands and innate sense of aesthetics, Merril marries her love for both realms, intertwining them seamlessly into our creative journey.Merril's style is a reflection of her penchant for simplicity. Her creations exude an understated elegance that speaks volumes. This style acts as a counterpoint to the intricate beauty of our preserved florals, creating a dynamic harmony within our team's creative endeavors.As the COO, Merril's role extends beyond creative finesse. She oversees the entire operation, ensuring that every aspect of our process is orchestrated with precision. Her influence is felt in every project, infusing it with her unique perspective and artistic sensibilities. Merril's hands-on involvement and leadership ensure that each creation bearing the MJ by the Bay seal is infused with her passion and meticulous attention to detail.Merril is not only a key leader but a driving force behind the magic we craft at MJ by the Bay. Her commitment to authenticity, her love for the ocean's beauty, and her dedication to floral preservation shine through in every masterpiece we create.Experience Merril's creative brilliance and her unique touch through every project that leaves our studio, carrying with it the essence of her artistic journey.

About Us

Let us take you back to the year 2022, where destiny wove a remarkable tale of connection and shared aspirations. It was in this year that Jacqueline and Merril's paths converged on the sun-kissed shores. As they sat on the beach, a discussion brimming with creative fervor unfolded—a conversation that would plant the seeds of an extraordinary journey. Ten years ago, Jacqueline and Merril found themselves in the same place, at the same time, brought together by the currents of fate. As they engaged in conversation, the sparks of creativity ignited a vision that would forever alter the course of their lives. Though they lacked the blueprint for starting a business, what Jacqueline and Merril possessed was a shared dream and a relentless determination to turn that dream into reality. Armed with their mutual drive and passion, they embarked on a path that was uncharted and unknown. Jacqueline and Merril, distinct in their artistic styles, mirrored one another in their unwavering commitment. They epitomized the spirit of tenacity, turning challenges into stepping stones, and obstacles into opportunities. Their journey was fueled by a shared ethos: to transform the seemingly impossible into the achievable. Each with her own artistic signature, Jacqueline and Merril found in their collaboration the alchemical blend that defines a dynamic duo. Their unique styles, when woven together, created a synergy that breathed life into their creations. A canvas of possibilities emerged, where artistic boundaries blurred and innovation flourished. The seeds planted on that beach conversation in 2022 grew into a legacy that continues to unfold. The spirit of creativity, the power of friendship, and the determination to transcend limitations define the essence of Jacqueline and Merril's journey.